I adore this gorgeous gorgeous rum!

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Before Bumbu came into my life, my experience of rum was limited to 1980s Bacardi & Cokes in the Students Union and the occasional tub of Carte D’Or Rum & Raisin. Not great.

But oh how I’ve been missing out.

Love at first sip.

Bumbu spiced rum goes way beyond delicious. It’s out of this world!

It’s inspired by a 16th Century pirate recipe, and as we all know, pirates know a thing or two about rum!

It isn’t easy to describe perfection, but I’ll have a go: Bumbu tastes like the best vanilla custard ever, and then 10x better than that.

Yes, I admit it, I’m a passionate person and I get excited about things I like, but with Bumbu it’s not just me.

Everyone who tastes Bumbu raves about it.

I think every single person who’s tasted Bumbu in the shop has taken a bottle home. Quite incredible!

We all need more Bumbu in our lives, so I really want you to try it.

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