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Wine & Spirits Shop, Denmead

So sorry, but Cheers is

Temporarily Closed

A portrait of Yvonne at Cheers!

Welcome to my fun shop BURSTING with fabulous wine & spirits!


I’m Yvonne, and welcome to my lovely wine & spirits shop located right in the heart of Denmead, Waterlooville.

I’m incredibly lucky, because I make my living doing what I love!

I first fell head-over-heels with wine & spirits when I owned the Amelie and Friends restaurant in Chichester.

My wine merchant very quickly got me hooked on organic wines. I was blown away by how delicious they were: SO MUCH BETTER than anything I’d ever tasted before!

And now, since I’ve opened Cheers!, a whole new world of wonderful wine & spirits has opened up for me.

I’ve been overwhelmed by the range and quality of what’s available nowadays! I discover something new every single day. It’s so exciting!

My mission is to spread the enjoyment I get from wine & spirits as far and as wide as I can.

I’ve discovered that many of the beautiful bottles I sell are given as gifts, and that makes me very happy indeed!


Yvonne Signature


Quinde Organic Malbec at Cheers! Wine & Spirits Shop

Lush Organic Wines

It’s taken me years to track these beauties down.

I bet my incredible wines’ll knock your socks off!

Ashling Park English Sparkling Wine at Cheers! Wine & Spirits Shop

Ashling Park English Sparkling Wine

Extraordinary Ashling Park from just up the road in West Sussex is even better than Champagne!

No wonder it’s a World Wine Gold Medal Winner!

Jarrolds Gin at Cheers! Wine & Spirits Shop

Gorgeous Gins

Which of my 50+ beautiful gins will you add to your collection?

Or do you know somebody who’d love to receive a gift like this?

Bumbu Rum at Cheers! Wine & Spirits Shop

Exotic Rums

My range of unusual rums are as delicious as they are beautiful!

The Macallan Whisky at Cheers! Wine & Spirits Shop

Handsome Whiskies

Peruse my magnificent selection of special whiskies.

I’ve picked out some real beauties for you!

Roberto Cavalli Vodka at Cheers! Wine & Spirits Shop

Spectacular Vodkas

A stunning vodka makes the perfect gift…

…for someone special, or just treat yourself!

Miniature Spirits at Cheers! Wine & Spirits Shop

Marvelous Miniatures

I’ve collected a mountain of miniatures to tempt you with.

They’re pocket-friendly and so much fun!

Gift Vouchers at Cheers!

Gift Vouchers

And I’ve got elegant gift vouchers…

…for when you just can’t decide.

Cheers! Wine & Spirits Reviews

Just purchased a lovely bottle of organic Malbec. Excellent recommendation.

Thank you!

Alex Powlesland

OMG I could spend all day in here and come out penniless ?

Amazingly friendly and knowledgeable with a plethora of truly artisan gins, great wines, whisky, rum and cognac.

Bob Hawthorne

Fantastic shop. Brilliant choice and very knowledgeable about their products. Always something new coming in and they really do their homework when looking at new stock. Love being able to taste test Gins before I buy and there is never any hard sell or pressure to buy. Very relaxed shopping and I’m delighted with every product. Cannot recommend this shop high enough. Really goes above and beyond with the whole customer experience and products on offer.

Carol Dilley

Amazing place, full of wonderful alcohols you’ve never seen! The Lady is extremely helpful, came out 60 pounds lighter! Will visit again!

Sam Austin


Cheers! Contact Information Map

Cheers! Wine & Spirits Shop

Friday & Saturday

10:30 AM - 5:30 PM


02392 255037


Lavinia House
Hambledon Road

I'm right in the heart of Denmead, in the middle of the parade of shops.

Click on the map image to see a google map and get directions.

There's free parking right outside the shop, but if it's full, the free Kidmore Lane car park is just 100 yards away on the other side of Hambledon Road.